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OK, herewith my last offering for this month's theme at GoS...

I have a thing about old maps - I think they're beautiful and fascinating (and I figured that I can't be the only one who feels this way?). So, when I recently came across some wonderful textures, I had to put them in my game. The problem was, so few Maxis meshes were the right size or proportions (why so many square pictures, Maxis, and so few rectangular ones?!), and I was too lazy to hunt down exactly the right custom meshes. And, call me crazy, but I actually prefer to use Maxis meshes whenever I can. Hence, this idea - stolen partly from Fantasyrogue and Graverobber - was born.

I ended up with 14 new meshes, which all started life as Maxis meshes and have now been stretched and cajoled into different and more useable, shapes, sizes and proportions, all slaved to Maxis textures. Plus my map recolours.

Of course, if you don't happen to be into old maps, you can just use the new meshes as a Maxis add-on set, and a convenient way of re-framing any existing recolors of the meshes to which they are slaved.

Some of the new meshes are slaved to Maxis pictures from various EPs and SPs, but for those who don't happen to have the packs in question, I have also created base-game versions of the Maxis meshes, so the EPs/SPs aren't actually required (just remember to download the extra base-game-friendly meshes if you need them).


Seven meshes using the 'Bella Squared' frame, one just a simple enlargement (I wanted big maps on my walls!) and the other six slaved to 'Lady on Red' (base game), the Bon Voyage travel poster, 'Grilled Cheese' and 'Pineapple' (both Nightlife), 'On Their Toes' (Freetime) and 'View From a Veranda' (Kitchen & Bath).

Maxis Reframed - 'Bella Squared' Preview 1 // Maxis Reframed - 'Bella Squared' Preview 2

Four meshes using the 'On Their Toes' frame (Freetime), slaved to 'Lady on Red' (base game), the Bon Voyage travel poster, 'Grilled Cheese' and 'Pineapple' (both Nightlife). I have also included a vintage gold recolour of the frames, shown in the main preview above.

Maxis Reframed - 'On Their Toes' Preview

Three more resized meshes: 'On Their Toes' (Freetime), 'View From a Veranda' (K&B) and 'In the Beginning' (base game). I'm afraid I couldn't include a gold recolour of the original Maxis 'On Their Toes' frame as it is on the same group as the picture itself (unlike my slaved meshes).

Maxis Resized Preview

All the new meshes are base-game compatible and will pick up any existing recolours you have for either/both the frame and/or the picture. Also, if you have Apartment Life, they will all shift up and down the walls.


There are all sorts, from all different eras: maps of the world or individual continents (most with text in French, which I rather liked); an old map of China (complete with text in Chinese, which I thought was pretty cool); English counties; town maps (including one of Odessa, with text in Russian, which I also thought was rather cool); even a medieval 'map' of Jerusalem and some rather lovely illustrations from an old atlas. The text is pretty small in most cases, so even if you prefer Simlish, you might still find some of them useable.

'Bella Squared' Recolours

'In The Beginning' Recolours

'Grilled Cheese' Recolours

'Pineapple' Recolours

'On Their Toes' Recolours

'View From a Veranda' Recolours

'Stiller Life' Recolour (Kitchen & Bath)


I have made base-game versions of the meshes listed below - don't forget to grab them if you don't have the respective EP/SP!

'Grilled Cheese' (Nightlife) (is perfect for taking advantage of Graverobber's slaved meshes as well)
'Pineapple' (Nightlife) (ditto)
'On Their Toes' (Freetime)
'View From a Veranda' (Kitchen & Bath)
'Stiller Life' (Kitchen & Bath)

The meshes slaved to the Bon Voyage travel poster can be used with HugeLunatic's base-game version of the Maxis mesh.




MAXIS RESIZED (includes enlarged 'Bella Squared' mesh)




Maxis, mainly
zeldona at mellowmint, for most of the textures - the rest were gleaned from various sources
Fantasyrogue and Graverobber, for inspiration


Date: 2011-10-28 03:35 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kpaja17
I downloaded these a while back, but thought I'd comment now, since apparently I didn't before. :)

These are amazing. Thank you so much!


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