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Long time no see...

The mesh has both fat and preg morphs (both by the mystical one, and edited by me) - I just forgot to get a picture of them!

There are 12 formal wear colour options:

And 10 everyday colour options; being the old-fashioned sort that I am (and not being a fan of rampant cleavage for day wear), these all have a white camisole underneath (taken from a recolour of the Maxis flapper dress by Cosette, edited a bit by me):

I also turned the new mesh, and the Jet, Lime and Pearl formal colours, into a replacement for the Maxis Nightlife flapper dresses (afbodydressflapper).

Have some downloads!



Other creators, please feel free to hack the shoes off and attach them to other meshes if you wish, just bear in mind that the shoes require an alpha mesh. I've uploaded my base textures, in case anyone else might find them useful:


Gwenke, Jessy and ZeusSims for much-appreciated help and/or advice in converting the TS3 shoe mesh.
Myself, Aelia, AlfredAskew, Anna, shastakiss and Huning for colours/colour actions.
Maxis and EA for the original meshes, the mystical one for the morphs.
Maxis, EA and Cosette for the original textures.
Vuokkosims for testing the morphs.

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