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As requested by autumnparanoia, the Dalek 'To Victory!' poster, but this time on aikea-guinea's half-height wall-writing mesh (included in download):

The eagle-eyed among you will spot that the aspect ratio is a little different to the version on the Maxis mesh, but this one is actually closer to the original. ;)

Also, there is a bonus extra recolour: the vanilla and grungy recolours are the same as before, but there is now a new lightly worn version too.

Plus, given the inveterate fiddler that I am, I decided to go back and revamp the Maxis version a little. So, I've now made a lightly worn recolour for that as well. And since in retrospect I thought that the grungy recolour looked a little odd with such ultra-shiny drawing pins, I've given it some nice rusty ones instead.

Go grab the revised Maxis version here.


The good old BBC, of course.
Aikea-guinea for the extremely useful mesh.

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More new stuff - aren't I spoiling you today?! Nineteen (a funny number, I know, and I have no decent excuse) grungy/vintage metal sign recolours of aikea-guinea's height-adjustable wall writing.

(Also posted at GoS.)

More pics and download... )


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