Mar. 19th, 2010 01:15 pm
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A small helping of copypasta for you today; or in other words, a bit of fake Pook'ing on my behalf.

I love CrabOfDoom's Pook'd Maxis build mode stuffs, especially the Apartment Life spiral stairs, so I really wanted matching fences to go with them. And so, thanks to the wonder of copypaste (I simply slapped CrabOfDoom's textures onto the Maxis fence mesh), here they are. They come in natural flavours only, as I'm afraid I wouldn't really have a use for the neons.


Full credit to [personal profile] crabofdoom for the scrummy textures and to [personal profile] pooklet for the equally scrummy colours; I just clicked the mouse button a few times in SimPE.

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Where to start? Well, this is in part-fulfillment of a request over at GoS to transfer CrabOfDoom's recolours of BeOSBoxBoy's asylum 'beds' to a double bed.

Recolouring the bed frames (two different ones even!) was no trouble at all, but sadly I didn't have equal success in recreating the bare mattress of the original asylum 'bed' - I haven't given up entirely, just put the project on hold while Christmas does its thing and totally takes over my life for the next month! So, in the interim, here are the bed frame recolours only.

Included are re-textures of Holy Simoly's 'La Boheme' iron bed and Mira's 'Teyon' beds (single and double) in all of CrabOfDoom's luscious colours, plus grey; the Holy Simoly bed also has a bonus rusty recolour, but I'm afraid this didn't transfer well to Mira's bed so I haven't included it.

Download the two sets separately, or as one big mammoth set (scroll down).


(Get the mesh here; I suspect that these will also recolour the single bed mesh too, but I haven't checked that yet)


(Get the meshes here)



Holy Simoly and Mira for the meshes.

A big thank you to [personal profile] crabofdoom, for so kindly allowing me to reuse his textures - I just tweaked and edited them slightly to better suit these particular meshes.

And also thank you to psychosim, for providing me with a tip that enabled me to maximize the quality of the textures.


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