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A quickie...

These are basically recolours of my 'The Snake and the Moon', but this time binned as eyeshadows. Most are Huning's colours, but the three on the bottom right are my own additions to the set.

Incidentally, I have also rebinned 'The Snake and the Moon' as (non-layerable) eyeshadow, over here, if anyone is interested. :)


Texture - Anva, heavily edited by me
Alpha - Bruno, edited almost beyond recognition by me
Colours - me/Huning

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Something very simple for the current GoS theme (hopefully I'll have time to make something a little more exciting before the end of the month comes around): just some default-replacement textures for the OfB girls' blouse, in three different flavours (please choose just one), plus customs. I used Huning's 'Pony' colours, supplemented with a couple of concoctions of my own (also based on My Little Pony colours), plus a handful of print patterns:

All the pretty swatches and download... )


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