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Another very small thing...

The eyeliners are based on Nabila's winged eyeliner (I edited Nabila's alpha just a smidge and used my own textures), but they are categorized as blush, and are layerable with all other eye makeup - they should layer under other eyeliners and over eyeshadows. I think they play especially nicely with my 'The Snake and the Moon' shadows. :)

As well as all the pretty colours, there is a black liner included, which I forgot to put on the swatch (but black is black, right?).

The upper lashes and lower liner are not part of the eyeliner, I just thought they looked cute with it. However, the upper lashes are a 'no-undereye' alpha edit (made by me) of a Lilith-Bruno-Ephemera liner, and I have included it in the download as a bit of a bonus.

The blushes are more subtle than the colours might suggest, and I tried to make a good range of shades, so that at least some (hopefully) will work well on darker skintones too.



Included in download


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