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This might not seem much, but it's a big deal, really! Look, see that road overlay mesh, it has snow on it - real, proper in-game snow - and shadows no longer clip through it - working shadows, I tell you!

OK, the colour/lighting is still not right, but I am getting there.

So pleased with myself right now! :D

(Thanks have to go to [personal profile] ja_viera, who had already covered at least 50% of the ground in solving this, and whose work I poked, prodded and pulled apart so that I could get this far.)

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I've been randomly and sporadically working on those default replacements that I was wittering about a couple of weeks ago, and thought it was time to post some WIP pictures.

Progress has been slow, mostly as work is completely hellish at the moment (and I'm not joking), and is draining all my energy and what little creativity I possess, but I have snatched a few minutes here and there in all the madness to experiment with some terrain replacements, my bigfoot eye replacement and a vampire default. And here is bigfoot himself, to start things off:


Want to see more of bigfoot and friends? Then come this way... )


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