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Before we start, I'd just like to say one thing: this is a site dedicated to Sims 2. I'm afraid you won't find any Sims 3 content here; well, at least not for the foreseeable future, given that I am less than bowled-over by the latest installment in the Sims franchise. OK, if that hasn't deterred you, then please feel free to poke around, download anything that might catch your eye, and (hopefully) enjoy using it in your game.

Comments are always very well received, and are guaranteed to give me a nice, warm, fuzzy glow. Oh, and please do feel free to subscribe, add me as a friend, whatever.

If you have an urge to read my policy/TOU doodah, you can find it here.

Now for the legal bit *coughs importantly*...

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.
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I've got good news for anyone who is looking for any of my downloads - you can find them all here:

The bad news is, I'm not sure if or when I will get the chance to update all the individual download links, so I'm afraid the only way to find my stuff at the moment is to root around in the folder above.

Have at it!
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A little update on the missing downloads: I'm in the process of transferring them to Sim File Share. We should be back in business soon!
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Sorry about the dead links!

I do still have all the files, but I just haven't had a chance to transfer them from DropBox yet.

I'll look into doing so in the next couple of weeks.
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Hello... gosh, I really need to clear away all these cobwebs and dust bunnies...

Anyway, I've started making things again, sort-of.

When I first converted the EA 'BahHaus' build set, I couldn't be bothered to convert the fence, but I've finally got my finger out and done it. And fixed a couple of bloopers. So, all the components of the set now have prices (sorry, no more free windows!). I've also realigned the diagonals for the two corner windows, so that they do now sit in the corner. Finally, I've also made centred versions of the two corner windows, because I wanted them. Et, voila!




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It's finally time to share this!

What it includes:

1) Plain white base textures for quilted and plain bedding.
2) A PSD template with shading overlays, and some ready made sheet/pillow layers for you to mix and match with your own quilts/blankets.
3) PS actions (and written instructions) for creating seamless single bedding and your own sheet/pillow layers.

Please be aware that this probably won't be completely straightforward to use for beginners in PS. However, full instructions are included (in PDF form) in the download, and if anyone has any questions or problems, then please do feel free to ask me here. I'd be especially interested to hear about any 'bugs', so that I can fix them.

Some credit would be very lovely if you share beddings that you have made using this Kit, but of course that's up to you.


I almost forgot! Huge thanks to my testers - you're all marvellous: shastakiss, Whispers, Hafiseazale and 13pumpkin.

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The second part of my gift is a whole bunch of content inspired by the lots posted above, but obviously can be used in other contexts too.

All sorts of odds and ends and bits and pieces... )

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Happy New Year!

The first part of my gift for the 12 Days of GoSmas is two companion lots, one community and one apartments.

All your Sims' housing requirements can be found under here... )

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A small add-on to the 'Sister Moon' eye set, with a few more colours created by StormPup:

The main downloads in the post linked to above have also been updated.


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It's about time I posted this here...

Snip, snip, snip... )

Sister Moon

Nov. 2nd, 2013 09:35 am
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As it says on the tin: this is Yumedust's 'Eye Love' eyes, on Pooklet's sclera, in a whole host of new colours (taken from my 'Nothing Like the Sun' edits of the same eyes, plus a few extras). These were made as part of a Wishing Tree request on GoS a few months ago, but of course with recent events they had been lost... until now!

Eye love, you love... )

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Since nothing is too much trouble when it comes to shastakiss, and I would do (almost!) anything she asked, here is a little add-on to yesterday's post: the California Dreamin' summer-themed wallpapers with shastakiss's moulding top and bottom, for those with AL.

I jiggled the patterns a little on most of these, to make them line up nicely with the new moulding ('cause I'm funny that way), so I also remade the original wallpapers to align exactly with them. Just allow the new versions to overwrite the old, if you choose to replace them. (There's nothing wrong with the old version at all, but if for some reason you want both types of border/moulding and want them to line up, then grab the new version instead.)



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Did everybody find these? My TBTO Summer Challenge gift for jensmustles...

Fun in the sun... )

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It's probably no secret that I think shasatakiss is altogether delovely, so when she asked me to make these meshes, and I discovered that it was her birthday, all in the same week, how could I resist? Unfortunately, I'm as slow as slow can be, so this is at least a month late, and probably more... so it's an unbirthday gift, for an unbirthday.

Included is my usual gold recolour for the frames. The meshes are slaved to Maxis 'Bella Squared' for the painting texture, but the frame texture is independent.

There are base-game (nothing special to say about this) and AL-friendly (will appear at the bottom of the wall when selected from the catalog and can be shifted to the desired height) versions included in the download; please select the correct one for your game and discard the other.

Since on their own the frames looked a little lonely, and as shasta seems to appreciate a cute print as much as I, I also made a handful of recolours of 'Bella Squared' to go along with them:

{preview courtesy of shasta herself}

And then I just went mad, and made some additional recolours for the BV travel poster too (because I came across too many cute pictures that were unsquare, but that I wanted to use anyway!):

{these will work with HugeLunatic's base-game version of the Maxis mesh, if you don't have BV}



Maxis for the original meshes
Various artists at Society6 for the artwork

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I'm so behind on posting stuff! Anyway, if there's anyone out there who missed the GoS Advent this year, here is my contribution:

Previews, swatches and downloads... )


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