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A quickie...

These are basically recolours of my 'The Snake and the Moon', but this time binned as eyeshadows. Most are Huning's colours, but the three on the bottom right are my own additions to the set.

Incidentally, I have also rebinned 'The Snake and the Moon' as (non-layerable) eyeshadow, over here, if anyone is interested. :)


Texture - Anva, heavily edited by me
Alpha - Bruno, edited almost beyond recognition by me
Colours - me/Huning

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Another very small thing...

The eyeliners are based on Nabila's winged eyeliner (I edited Nabila's alpha just a smidge and used my own textures), but they are categorized as blush, and are layerable with all other eye makeup - they should layer under other eyeliners and over eyeshadows. I think they play especially nicely with my 'The Snake and the Moon' shadows. :)

As well as all the pretty colours, there is a black liner included, which I forgot to put on the swatch (but black is black, right?).

The upper lashes and lower liner are not part of the eyeliner, I just thought they looked cute with it. However, the upper lashes are a 'no-undereye' alpha edit (made by me) of a Lilith-Bruno-Ephemera liner, and I have included it in the download as a bit of a bonus.

The blushes are more subtle than the colours might suggest, and I tried to make a good range of shades, so that at least some (hopefully) will work well on darker skintones too.



Included in download

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For those who haven't yet found mine (or anyone else's) Advent gifts at GoS, do come and have a look...

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The Gift

Aug. 25th, 2011 08:32 am
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It's that time of year again! Yes, Christmas-in-July at GoS has come, and gone, but the goodies remain.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to have Sentate as my santa, and if you haven't already done so, you must go and grab my amazing gift:


Also, since both my own santees decided to share their gifts, I thought I might as well post them here too.

For Eva (eefje00704) I made a set of medievalish-themed stuff, including 'hood deco, walls, floors and terrains, and some recolours of the Maxis roof:


For Izza (sims_by_izza) I made a set of dresses with stompy boots, Pook'd makeup and vintage wallpapers:


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In case anyone hasn't yet found it, don't forget to have a look at the GoS Advent Calendar 2010, including my own contribution from Christmas Eve, which includes makeup, AF undies, walls and floors, Maxis and custom furniture recolours, an update of my slaved version of DOT's Satinistics add-on meshes, fences and gates, and neighbourhood deco:

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My small contribution to the GoS theme for June: 'Creature Feature'. Not just recolours, but gradient recolours (can you tell I was rather chuffed with this idea when it popped unbidden into my head?!)...

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This was supposed to be a welcome back pressie for GoS, but better late than never, hey?

Anyway, this is exactly as it says on the tin: eyeshadows in all 42 (yes, 42!) of Pooklet's colours. For boys and girls, teen and upwards.

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I love Ephemera's eye makeup, and I love Aelia's colours, so together I thought they would make the perfect combination. There are two sets: 'Spring', which I think of as more 'everyday' shadows, and 'Summer', which are a bit more vibrant. Oh, plus I made a couple of default-replacement sets too, mostly for my own use, but I thought perhaps one or two other people might like to give them a whirl as well. All are for both lads and lasses, teen and upwards. :)

I made these a little while ago, and then umm'd and ahh'd over posting them, since Simbic beat me to it by posting her own fabulously funky set of Aelia'd Ephemera eyeshadows. But then, I decided that mine were sufficiently different - the colours are more muted in my sets - so I'm going for it anyway!

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