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This was supposed to be a welcome back pressie for GoS, but better late than never, hey?

Anyway, this is exactly as it says on the tin: eyeshadows in all 42 (yes, 42!) of Pooklet's colours. For boys and girls, teen and upwards.

More pics and download, but no more wittering... )
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I love Ephemera's eye makeup, and I love Aelia's colours, so together I thought they would make the perfect combination. There are two sets: 'Spring', which I think of as more 'everyday' shadows, and 'Summer', which are a bit more vibrant. Oh, plus I made a couple of default-replacement sets too, mostly for my own use, but I thought perhaps one or two other people might like to give them a whirl as well. All are for both lads and lasses, teen and upwards. :)

I made these a little while ago, and then umm'd and ahh'd over posting them, since Simbic beat me to it by posting her own fabulously funky set of Aelia'd Ephemera eyeshadows. But then, I decided that mine were sufficiently different - the colours are more muted in my sets - so I'm going for it anyway!

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