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Quick Public Service Announcement: I'd just like to ask everyone who has so far downloaded my conversion of Cyclonesue's 'London Arches' set that I uploaded at GoS yesterday to please redownload it, as I have fixed an issue with the wall mask for the arch door, and made some changes to the TXMTs for some of the objects.

Thanks, and sorry!
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I've now shared my recolouring resources (PSDs with shading layers) for the BahHaus door/window conversions - you can get them in the original post. :)


May. 10th, 2012 04:26 pm
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Just to say: if anyone would ever like different defaults to the ones I make (or defaults full stop, if I haven't made any at all), please just ask! I keep all my original textures, so it's very quick and easy for me to do, and the results will be a lot better quality than extracting textures via Bodyshop/SimPE.

I'm also always happy to share my original texture files for any of my projects, for other people to reuse/recycle in their own work - again, please just ask! I'm nice, really, and I promise I won't yell at you. :)

Hold On

Nov. 12th, 2011 01:12 am
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To the 9 lovely people who have so far downloaded the shading overlays for the 'I Want Candy' set: the marvellous ZeroDark has noticed a bit of an issue with the overlay for the bow (it makes the textures look a bit funky), which I am currently trying to resolve. So, please stay tuned and I'll upload a modified version shortly.


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