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MESH NOW INCLUDED! The custom version of the short wedding dress default that I posted last night, because I thought it deserved a post if its own, since it's all new and shiny. :)


Maxis, Mr. OstrichBird, Sentate and Jaccirocker for the mesh
Maxis and Sentate for the textures
Colours by me!

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Default replacements! I can never have enough default replacements, I tell you! So here are some more, made by my good self, with lots of help from Marja's splendid tutorials. Before I forget, I must also thank the lovely [personal profile] xjoelbabix, for taking the previews for me. <3

Oh, and for those not into default replacements, there are also custom versions of the new recolours I have made. :)

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Last one for today, and again a request at GoS, to transfer charterzard's 'Rumor Mill' outfit onto a mesh with flats:

This one was a bit more work than a simple copypaste job...

Firstly, the wonderful jaccirocker swapped the boots on the original mesh for flats, and I tweaked the mapping a little. Also, the original textures didn't survive being exported, so I remade them from the white texture, matching the colours as well as I could - I took the opportunity to remove a bit of residual boobage, tidy up the neckline and restore the contrasting white buttons to some while I was at it.

Finally, I couldn't resist making a few more recolours of my own, as some of the originals weren't quite to my taste (they are all included though).

Original colours:

New colours:

{all colours have black shoes, and appear in both everyday and formal categories}


Xandher/Gelydh/charterzard (dress) and Amaryll (shoes) for the original textures
Azaya for the original mesh, with Amaryll's flats added by jaccirocker
Aelia (and me!) for colour actions

Because I couldn't have finished these without jacci, the set is credited to 'Curious Dollies', our collaborative name. :)

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More stuff for rugrats: as requested at GoS, charterzard's 'Playground' outfit on a mesh by Sims2Sisters/Aelia, i.e. originally with welly boots, but now with flats!

All charterzard's original colours, each with contrasting shoes:


charterzard - original dress textures (and swatch)
Amaryll - original shoe texture

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Something very simple for the current GoS theme (hopefully I'll have time to make something a little more exciting before the end of the month comes around): just some default-replacement textures for the OfB girls' blouse, in three different flavours (please choose just one), plus customs. I used Huning's 'Pony' colours, supplemented with a couple of concoctions of my own (also based on My Little Pony colours), plus a handful of print patterns:

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The Gift

Aug. 25th, 2011 08:32 am
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It's that time of year again! Yes, Christmas-in-July at GoS has come, and gone, but the goodies remain.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to have Sentate as my santa, and if you haven't already done so, you must go and grab my amazing gift:


Also, since both my own santees decided to share their gifts, I thought I might as well post them here too.

For Eva (eefje00704) I made a set of medievalish-themed stuff, including 'hood deco, walls, floors and terrains, and some recolours of the Maxis roof:


For Izza (sims_by_izza) I made a set of dresses with stompy boots, Pook'd makeup and vintage wallpapers:


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From the people who brought you cluttery Nouk boots - the team of jaccirocker ([personal profile] digitaldollies) and CuriousB - it's Ghanima's skinnies and Chucks for teens!

{thanks to jacci for the fun preview!}

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In case anyone hasn't yet found it, don't forget to have a look at the GoS Advent Calendar 2010, including my own contribution from Christmas Eve, which includes makeup, AF undies, walls and floors, Maxis and custom furniture recolours, an update of my slaved version of DOT's Satinistics add-on meshes, fences and gates, and neighbourhood deco:

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Yet another project that took way longer than it probably should have done! Here we have Fran's teen conversion of Ghanima Atreides's skinny jeans and flats mesh in all of Ghanima's textures, plus ColdFire's Pook'd recolours and a recolour of my own (Pooklet's 'Time Bomb'), in both tucked and untucked varieties.

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