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I'm not terribly sure how popular this particular offering will be, it might appeal only to a bit of a 'niche' market, but let's see how it goes...

More in the same vein as the companion post earlier today, but this time 45 vintage British and Irish railway posters! Maybe because these represent my 'home turf', or because I've always had a soft spot for the age of steam, I think these particular posters have a quirky, nostalgic charm.

As before, these should work with HugeLunatic's base-game version of the Maxis mesh and karaskaras's add-on set.

Just to forewarn you, there will be yet moar recolours of the mesh at some point, but with a rather different feel to them - wait and see... ;)

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At last, some new stuff! And I'm afraid my obsession with the Maxis Bon Voyage travel poster mesh, and with genuine vintage travel posters, continues. In this set are 40 recolours of the original Maxis mesh, plus three of lmhwjs's horizontal add-on mesh.

As a bonus, I have also made 19 separate recolours of the frame, one plain white and the rest using Aelia's 'retro' Photoshop actions. Thanks to Aelia for so generously sharing them; they worked a treat and I think they really suit this mesh.

Once again, if you don't happen to have Bon Voyage, these will also work with HugeLunatic's base-game version of the Maxis mesh. The recolours of the frames and the vertical posters will also apply to karaskaras's add-on set.

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Nov. 29th, 2009 06:07 pm
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My contribution to the GoS November project of 'Thrift': 61 (yes, 61!) vintage recolours of the Maxis Bon Voyage Collectible Travel Poster/lmhwjs's horizontal add-on, plus one antique wood frame recolour.

Those without Bon Voyage don't need to feel left out, as HugeLunatic has made a base-game version of the mesh, which should pick up these recolours. The recolours of the frame and the vertical posters will also apply to karaskaras's add-on set.

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