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MATY and PMBD (The Booty) - i.e. the source of many indispensable mods and hacks for TS2, Awesomemod for TS3, and a wealth of 'liberated' pay content - are in trouble, and as it stands at the moment will be closing at the end of February.

Funds are urgently needed to pay the server fees and keep them going, so if you don't want to lose these remarkable resources and are able to spare some cash, even just a few dollars, you can donate here.

More info here.

If you aren't able to help financially (and let's face it, it's a tough time for many at the moment), at least please consider spreading the word to others.
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So, [personal profile] sixtylilies (Azaya)'s current asylum challenge posts have inspired me to have a go at it myself... it looks like fun, and boy do I need fun.

The thing is, I've never tried any sort of Sims challenge before, and I'm completely ignorant as to how to go about it, so I was wondering whether any of the kind people on my friends' list could suggest a site with a good explanation of the rules? Chances are I might bend them to suit me anyway, unless that would make it not worth posting?

I'm also feeling a bit shy about people seeing my real game, and my real Sims, in action, so you have to promise not to laugh - unless of course you're meant to laugh.


Jan. 11th, 2011 01:52 am
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The recent discussion about default replacements on GoS has got me thinking a bit more about the defaults that I'm currently using, and whether I might like to customize them still further.

I'm considering either making some of my own, or tweaking my existing ones, and while these would be mainly to suit my own tastes and for my own use, I was wondering whether there might be any general interest in whatever I come up with.

So, I thought I'd create this post, listing my ideas and asking for any feedback or other suggestions. :)

If you're vaguely interested in what I'm thinking of doing, and even better if you would care to share your thoughts on my ideas, then there's more under here... )

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So, as of today, I have a shiny new PC (yay!), onto which I have installed TS3 (after removing it from my laptop some months ago). So far so good. As before, the scenery made me ooh and ahh, but I still really can't stand the look of the Sims themselves. The problem is, I'm completely ignorant of how to install CC and get it working, or even where to find the best CC available; there's some quite juicy stuff on GoS, I know, but that's the limit of my knowledge in this area.

Which brings me to my question: I was wondering if anyone on my Friends' List might like to suggest some default-replacement skintones, eyes, makeup, eyebrows, etc? I'm looking for stuff that is as realistic as possible, to try to minimize the cartoony look.

I could also do with a nice, straightforward tutorial on installing CC, if anyone would care to recommend one?

Oh, and I was also wondering whether there is an equivalent of the TS2 censor blur hack and Crammyboy's male... err... appendage, for TS3?

Thanks, folks!


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