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I'm so behind on posting stuff! Anyway, if there's anyone out there who missed the GoS Advent this year, here is my contribution:

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Continuing with today's kidlets theme... I've finally finished the texture copypasta on a hair mesh that Trapping very kindly age-converted at my request:

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This is sort of in fulfillment of a request made by Goat, over at GoS. OK, only Pooklet's naturals were originally requested, but, being me, I couldn't leave it at that, and had to do the unnaturals too - my excuse was that it was a great opportunity to give my brand new full-Pookleting capability a good test run.

I was originally going to upload the results at GoS too, but that would have meant making four separate posts for one hair, and I thought people might just start getting annoyed with my omnipresence. Plus, since it's the first hair recolour I've ever released, I'm afraid I bottled out in the it ended up here instead. :)

So, here you have Tenshii~Akari's 'Half-Pony Dreads', for both guys and gals, in all 25 of Pooklet's colours, using Tenshii~Akari's texture (lightly edited by me).

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