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It's probably no secret that I think shasatakiss is altogether delovely, so when she asked me to make these meshes, and I discovered that it was her birthday, all in the same week, how could I resist? Unfortunately, I'm as slow as slow can be, so this is at least a month late, and probably more... so it's an unbirthday gift, for an unbirthday.

Included is my usual gold recolour for the frames. The meshes are slaved to Maxis 'Bella Squared' for the painting texture, but the frame texture is independent.

There are base-game (nothing special to say about this) and AL-friendly (will appear at the bottom of the wall when selected from the catalog and can be shifted to the desired height) versions included in the download; please select the correct one for your game and discard the other.

Since on their own the frames looked a little lonely, and as shasta seems to appreciate a cute print as much as I, I also made a handful of recolours of 'Bella Squared' to go along with them:

{preview courtesy of shasta herself}

And then I just went mad, and made some additional recolours for the BV travel poster too (because I came across too many cute pictures that were unsquare, but that I wanted to use anyway!):

{these will work with HugeLunatic's base-game version of the Maxis mesh, if you don't have BV}



Maxis for the original meshes
Various artists at Society6 for the artwork

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This is pure self-indulgence really (but even if you're not a Whovian, there might well be something else for you under the cut). I can, however, think of one - maybe two - other people who might want this particular piece of art for their games!

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OK, herewith my last offering for this month's theme at GoS...

I have a thing about old maps - I think they're beautiful and fascinating (and I figured that I can't be the only one who feels this way?). So, when I recently came across some wonderful textures, I had to put them in my game. The problem was, so few Maxis meshes were the right size or proportions (why so many square pictures, Maxis, and so few rectangular ones?!), and I was too lazy to hunt down exactly the right custom meshes. And, call me crazy, but I actually prefer to use Maxis meshes whenever I can. Hence, this idea - stolen partly from Fantasyrogue and Graverobber - was born.

I ended up with 14 new meshes, which all started life as Maxis meshes and have now been stretched and cajoled into different and more useable, shapes, sizes and proportions, all slaved to Maxis textures. Plus my map recolours.

Of course, if you don't happen to be into old maps, you can just use the new meshes as a Maxis add-on set, and a convenient way of re-framing any existing recolors of the meshes to which they are slaved.

Some of the new meshes are slaved to Maxis pictures from various EPs and SPs, but for those who don't happen to have the packs in question, I have also created base-game versions of the Maxis meshes, so the EPs/SPs aren't actually required (just remember to download the extra base-game-friendly meshes if you need them).

Maxis add-ons and cartographical goodies under here... )

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This is a joint effort by myself and jaccirocker ([personal profile] digitaldollies) for the GoS clutter theme - jacci did all the work on separating and manoeuvering the meshes, and I wrangled them into package files.

May I present, on behalf of us both, Nouk's ankle boots as clutter:

These boots were made for walking... )

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My first contribution to the GoS clutter theme (more to come later): as requested a couple of weeks ago by Casiotone, single polaroids for the wall!

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This is nothing new, but just for completeness I thought I'd sling the GoS Secret Santa gifts I made for last year up here, so that I know where to find them and just in case there is anyone who might want them who still doesn't have them.

Firstly, for Almighty Hat, a selection of medieval-themed stuff, including walls and floors, door and ceiling beam recolours, and three new barrel meshes:



And for Mr. Sullivan, Maxis Bon Voyage vintage travel poster recolours, distressed wood floors and a small wall clock:



More info and credits are given in the downloads.

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In case anyone hasn't yet found it, don't forget to have a look at the GoS Advent Calendar 2010, including my own contribution from Christmas Eve, which includes makeup, AF undies, walls and floors, Maxis and custom furniture recolours, an update of my slaved version of DOT's Satinistics add-on meshes, fences and gates, and neighbourhood deco:

There's more under here, come and see! )

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I've always loved the meshes from Cooldad/Tigmom's utility pole set, but the default textures have always bugged me; to my mind, they just look way too clean and shiny to be realistic.

So, about six months ago I set out to re-texture all the parts of the set that I use most often. There was just one problem: I soon discovered that nothing in the set - apart from the street signs - was bloomin' well recolourable!

However, I was determined not to be beaten! The end result is that I've completely overhauled the set, making most parts recolourable, slaving textures wherever possible, as well as providing new textures. Shall I stop talking now, and show you some pictures?

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The second set of opening goodies: as requested by pinketamine at GoS, DOT's add-on sofa and chair slaved to the Maxis Satinistics loveseat for textures.

Since this is way overdue, by way of consolation I have also rustled up 18 recolours of DOT's texture using Aelia's Photoshop actions. These are recolours of the Maxis loveseat, but by the magic that is the repository technique, will also apply to the modifed sofa and chair too, as will any other recolours of the Maxis loveseat that you happen to already have kicking around in your game.

Speaking of which, can I also recommend Ja's fabulous recolours, which I believe were the inspiration for the original request (hence the name of my set is also a small homage to the name of Ja's set, as well as being a tongue-in-cheek song title reference, as usual).

There is one teeny issue with the sofa to tell you about: textures with a non-symmetrical pattern (such as one or two of Ja's) might not work terribly well on the sofa, due to the way it is mapped, and I'm afraid I couldn't do anything about this. Plain and symmetrical textures however, look just fine and dandy. And all textures work perfectly with the chair.

Also, these have different file names and GUIDs to DOT's original versions, and so won't overwrite them - you can have both in your game at once if you want, but you will need to find and delete DOT's files from your downloads folder if you don't.


Full credit to DOT for the original mesh and texture, and to [personal profile] aelia for the colours; I just did what I like best, and mashed them together in Photoshop and SimPE. :)

And thanks to pinketamine, for the splendid idea.