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I made a comment with the Tumblr Apocalypse that we should try to become active uploaders once again on forums such as GOS.
 So I uploaded a thing to GOS!   
As I was looking specifically for figurative art, I came across Michel Rauscher.
I fell in love with the simple themes of his paintings and decided they would look best on a mesh with no frame. 
Hence the use of the B Stroke. So Nightlife is Required!

Wipeout - 11.4.2019

Apr. 11th, 2019 10:38 pm
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It's spring cleaning time! :) The entries shown below had borked links and were therefore removed from the Database. We're also proud to announce that all defunct entries from have now been cleaned out, leaving only those that had working replacement links (thank you for the links, Rebellina!) If you recognize any of these defaults and happen to have a backup stashed away somewhere, please shoot us a link so we can restore them!

(Hover over each pic for more info on the creator and/or replacement)

Ms. Ariadna (

(Caution: Although we've kept all the original links in tact, please do not click on them! It's been brought to our attention that some of them redirect to shady/malicious pages.)


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