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Default replacements! I can never have enough default replacements, I tell you! So here are some more, made by my good self, with lots of help from Marja's splendid tutorials. Before I forget, I must also thank the lovely [personal profile] xjoelbabix, for taking the previews for me. <3

Oh, and for those not into default replacements, there are also custom versions of the new recolours I have made. :)

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From the people who brought you cluttery Nouk boots - the team of jaccirocker ([personal profile] digitaldollies) and CuriousB - it's Ghanima's skinnies and Chucks for teens!

{thanks to jacci for the fun preview!}

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Yet another project that took way longer than it probably should have done! Here we have Fran's teen conversion of Ghanima Atreides's skinny jeans and flats mesh in all of Ghanima's textures, plus ColdFire's Pook'd recolours and a recolour of my own (Pooklet's 'Time Bomb'), in both tucked and untucked varieties.

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I've been meaning to do this for a while, and kept getting distracted, but since it's very nearly September... So, my santee for the GoS 'Christmas in July' fest was Aquilegia, and since she very generously decided to share her gift, I thought I'd pop it up here as well. I'm sure many people who want these will already have them, but just in case.

Anyway, it's early morning and I've not had a lot of sleep (or enough tea), so less wiffle and more downloads, yes?

Pook'd and Aelia'd walls, Maxis-match floors and recoloured Maxis build mode sets, all under here... )


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