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As it says on the tin really: Pinketamine's terrific conversions of Tamo's TS3 'Mock Mods', 'Basic Cat's Eyes' and 'Crystal Cat's Eyes', in all Aelia's 'Retro' colours, plus a selection of my own shades, a handful of Aelia's 'Jewel' and 'Autumn' colours, and a bonus 'Dark Tortoisheshell' recolour for the 'Mock Mods'.

Click me for another cute preview - courtesy of schneewittchen @ GoS - and download links... )

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In case anyone hasn't yet found it, don't forget to have a look at the GoS Advent Calendar 2010, including my own contribution from Christmas Eve, which includes makeup, AF undies, walls and floors, Maxis and custom furniture recolours, an update of my slaved version of DOT's Satinistics add-on meshes, fences and gates, and neighbourhood deco:

There's more under here, come and see! )

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I hope I'll be forgiven for this, but I was so chuffed to see the first set of recolours made using my colour actions that I had to tell the world about them: this terrific set of walls by [personal profile] columnar.

You can grab them over at columnar's DW. :)

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After much tinkering and tweaking and fiddling and fussing, I think I'm finally happy with my Photoshop colour actions; happy enough to start using them on my own projects, and happy enough to share them at last. :)

And here they be:

More previews and download over here... )


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