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Part two of a request at GoS by Maaron - this time n-a-n-u's 'Selle Living' gets the conversion treatment:

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Since I first posted these at GoS a couple of weeks ago, I have fixed a small issue with the plain seating recolours (maybe no one else noticed, but it was bugging me), so please redownload these below. New downloaders please note that the full download has also been updated, so there is no need to download the fixed recolours separately. Plus, it also occurred to me that base-game-compatible meshes might be a good idea, for those without Pets (or any other EP that might affect the functionality of the objects) - these can also be downloaded separately below, and should work with the existing recolours.

Anyway... a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (forgive me, my inner geek is showing), Maaron requested TS2 conversions of some TS3 sets originally by Nanu. Here, finally, is the first set, all done and dusted.

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