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While I was making the new default and custom bedding that I posted yesterday, I noticed a few little things that bugged me about the two sets of bedding I had made previously. So, I have updated those two sets - mostly just in terms of rescaling the patterns slightly to fit better, and tweaking the shading overlay (which was a little off-centre before).

The original download archives have already been updated, but here are the files again - just redownload and allow them to overwrite the old versions:



Au revoir!

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Feeling crappy today, suffering from my second cold in less than two weeks, so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking on this occasion...

My defaulting obsession continues under here... )

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You know those short wedding dresses I uploaded about a month ago? The ones I forgot to include the mesh with? Well, I've now corrected my mistake and added the mesh to the download. Please redownload over here.
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It seems I never shared these on my blogs - shocking! ;P

Anyway, here they are now, my contribution for the GoS Treasure Hunt earlier this year (in case anyone didn't find them, although given the number of downloads I think that unlikely!) - 25 patterned recolours of the Maxis bedding:

Hello City

Sep. 19th, 2012 09:12 pm
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I've had these 95% complete for a while now, so it was time I finished them off and uploaded them. Just to clarify, these are the 'basic' versions of the TS3 Late Night buildings - i.e. they just sit there, looking buildingish, and don't light up at night. However, there is also a bonus wharf building, two cranes (with flashy red lights on top!) and some scaffolding included.

We are still working on the lit versions, and they'll be ready when they are ready. ;)

In the meantime, enjoy!

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MESH NOW INCLUDED! The custom version of the short wedding dress default that I posted last night, because I thought it deserved a post if its own, since it's all new and shiny. :)


Maxis, Mr. OstrichBird, Sentate and Jaccirocker for the mesh
Maxis and Sentate for the textures
Colours by me!

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Default replacements! I can never have enough default replacements, I tell you! So here are some more, made by my good self, with lots of help from Marja's splendid tutorials. Before I forget, I must also thank the lovely [personal profile] xjoelbabix, for taking the previews for me. <3

Oh, and for those not into default replacements, there are also custom versions of the new recolours I have made. :)

Defaulting madness under here... )

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I've now shared my recolouring resources (PSDs with shading layers) for the BahHaus door/window conversions - you can get them in the original post. :)
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A quickie...

These are basically recolours of my 'The Snake and the Moon', but this time binned as eyeshadows. Most are Huning's colours, but the three on the bottom right are my own additions to the set.

Incidentally, I have also rebinned 'The Snake and the Moon' as (non-layerable) eyeshadow, over here, if anyone is interested. :)


Texture - Anva, heavily edited by me
Alpha - Bruno, edited almost beyond recognition by me
Colours - me/Huning

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Come and get 'em... )

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We (myself, [personal profile] aweeshie[personal profile] missadiasims and [personal profile] zerographic) are pleased to announce that the new Default Database is now open! Come visit and find some beautiful replacements for Maxis clothing and hair.

The Database currently has all hair and clothing defaults listed for all ages and genders. But we intend to continue to build indexes of make-up and other defaults. The hair and clothing are indexed here, but you can also view defaults by creator in the tags.

Membership is un-moderated and open to all. While members and non-members alike are welcome to browse and subscribe to the Database, the facility to comment will be limited to members only.

If we have missed any maxis outfits/hairs - or if we have missed default replacements - please let us know here.

We hope you enjoy the Database and get some good use out of the pretty replacements we have listed!

(*Now with fewer over-sized shirts and shorts outfits for AF.)

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I really like the look of mswn's new animation-friendly eye sclera, and just in case anyone might be thinking of transferring any of my eye sets onto it, can I please ask that they don't, as I'd rather like to do this myself!

I hope everyone understands, and won't mind me calling dibs on my own stuff. ;)

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Another very small thing...

The eyeliners are based on Nabila's winged eyeliner (I edited Nabila's alpha just a smidge and used my own textures), but they are categorized as blush, and are layerable with all other eye makeup - they should layer under other eyeliners and over eyeshadows. I think they play especially nicely with my 'The Snake and the Moon' shadows. :)

As well as all the pretty colours, there is a black liner included, which I forgot to put on the swatch (but black is black, right?).

The upper lashes and lower liner are not part of the eyeliner, I just thought they looked cute with it. However, the upper lashes are a 'no-undereye' alpha edit (made by me) of a Lilith-Bruno-Ephemera liner, and I have included it in the download as a bit of a bonus.

The blushes are more subtle than the colours might suggest, and I tried to make a good range of shades, so that at least some (hopefully) will work well on darker skintones too.



Included in download


May. 10th, 2012 04:26 pm
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Just to say: if anyone would ever like different defaults to the ones I make (or defaults full stop, if I haven't made any at all), please just ask! I keep all my original textures, so it's very quick and easy for me to do, and the results will be a lot better quality than extracting textures via Bodyshop/SimPE.

I'm also always happy to share my original texture files for any of my projects, for other people to reuse/recycle in their own work - again, please just ask! I'm nice, really, and I promise I won't yell at you. :)


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